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How to manage 15 stores at the same time? See how Solvis helped Danny Cosmetics not to lose proximity of their customers!

Danny Cosmetics is a family business that was founded in 1978 in the city of Americana, São Paulo. 40 years later, they’ve grown up to 15 stores on the state of São Paulo, and also developed a online business that ships products all across Brazil.

Through partnerships with big companies of their supply chain, they offer a huge variety of products on their portfolio, and also courses destinated to the beauty area professionals.


Results that really matter and full shopping carts!

1. needs

After several surveys, the Danny Cosmetics management team realized it was necessary to dig deeper into the service of the sales team to unveil how to improve the customer experience.

Until the beggining of the project with Solvis kiosks, the customer feedback was collected verbally by the store managers and also by their social networks. It was very hard to identify the satisfaction ratings on each one of the 15 stores.

2. SOLUtion

With the kiosks installed at the stores, the routine changed almost instantly. The participation of the customers on the survey was so high that we were able to deliver trustworthy results in under a month.

According to Luiz Gabriel Saciolotto Filho, the head manager at Danny Cosmetics, “the employees also reacted very positively to the new tool, because with numbers and data, the decision making process became much more effective”. With trustworthy data as foundation, new strategies were created to improve the customer purchase journey

Today, the satisfaction and recommendation indicators provided by the Solvis solution are measured everyday, with results beyond expectations, which means the good work of the Danny Cosmetics team alongside Solvis kiosks are reflecting directly on sales!

3. RESULTs in 2017:

– Now, the board of the company has access to data with less then 3% error margin.
– Increase at the mailing list, after using the Solvis Follow-up tool.
– Automatization of the manual work of collecting and organizing the feedback from the customers. 

+ surveys answered

+ customer Emails collected

+ Follow-up emails sent

net promoter score


“We are very satisfied with Solvis kiosks. Through this tool we were able to measure the satisfaction ratings of our precious clients at 15 stores in real time. We also received other important informations in the daily reports, like the Net Promoter Score and othe KPIs of our stores.
Today, we can add Solvis as a extremely important tool fo Danny Cosmetics. I want also to congratulate all the support team, always available to answer with fast and competent troubleshooting.”

Luiz Gabriel Sacilotto Filho


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