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Still have doubts? Check the fields below for answers to other questions about our survey solution.

How does the hiring of kiosks work?

Currently we work in 2 ways: purchasing or leasing of kiosks + hiring our services .Send an email to to receive a personalized quote.

What is the voltage of the equipment?

Our kiosks are bivolt (110-220).

How do I get the reports?

Our reports are sent automatically by email daily, weekly and monthly. If you are not receiving your reports, please send an email to that we will help you!

How do I install the kiosks?

It’s super simple : just plug it in and that’s it!Your kiosk will automatically display the survey questionnaire and automatically connect via a 3G chip or Wi-Fi network.

What is the price of totems?

Just as each customer’s questionnaire is different, our services may vary depending on your project. Send an email to to receive a personalized quote.

I have a different project. Can you help?

Depending on the idea, yes, we can! Send the details of your project to and we will get in touch.