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Everyday misson: focus on the customer

Academia Bio (Bio Gym) is a branch of Biogrupo, a Brazilian business group that also includes a gas station chain. All of their businesses follow the same mantra: customer focus.

The physical space and ambience of the gym are carefully laid out: a wide parking lot, play areas for children, and free fruits and energy drinks for members. Everything is focused on making health and quality of life available for all, offering a complete structure, highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art equipment. The 7,000 sq ft area was designed to promote conscious physical activity, respecting the goals of each individual and optimizing the time spent in the gym.


students recomending more students: health for people and your business.

1. NEeds

Before adopting Solvis solutions, consumer satisfaction was monitored via in-person interviews conducted by the employees. However, this approach had a few inconveniences: some respondents felt uncomfortable pointing out problems in person to the employees; some other members were interrupted in the middle of their training; and there was a chance of selection bias because the respondents were chosen arbitrarily by the employees. To improve the confidence in the responses and to collect feedback without disturbing the members during their training, Felipe, the gym’s manager, got in contact with Solvis.

2. SOLUtion

Felipe decided to place a survey kiosk on the gym floor and started with a very simple questionnaire: an NPS question to gauge the overall satisfaction, and an open text question to collect suggestions and complaints. Felipe started receiving our daily reports, which showed the continuous satisfaction metrics and all the comments written by the gym members. Rather than conducting the interviews themselves, the instructors now advised the members to leave their feedback at the kiosk. Because the new communication channel was more impersonal, members started to leave their true feedback.

3. Results

The kiosk became an agile and transparent communication channel between the gym members and owners, who now had all the information needed for continuous improvement. It helped detect any problems and fix them quickly – for instance, fixing a shower or adjusting the temperature in a specific corner of the gym. This had an immediate impact on the overall satisfaction rating, which achieved a high NPS score of around 80. Later on, new surveys were designed and applied – for instance, to assess the instructors performance, to evaluate the fitness classes, and to find the best holiday opening hours. The surveys also helped prioritize bigger changes (such as the purchase of new equipment) based on members feedback.


“It’s very important for us to know what’s on the mind of our clients. The survey kiosk helped us collect consumer feedback continuously without any daily effort, and it is also a less intrusive solution. It also helped unburden our staff, who can now focus on offering a better service to our clients.”    

Felipe CortesManager


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