Solvis develops technology for customer satisfaction surveys since 2002


We promote increasingly positive and innovative experiences for brands and their customers through personalized opinion surveys and reliable, automatic reports.

Know your customers

Discover the profile of your customers. Monitor procedures. Improve the services your offer your customers.

Automated Reports

Solvis solution does all the work to get and send information from your customers. Save time you would spend parsing data and generating reports.

+ 500

  • “Solvis brought Grêmio Náutico Union agility and a different way of knowing, in real time, what our members think about the services we offer. And besides this, there’s the exceptional service we receive whenever we need assistance. Great job, Solvis! “

    Juliane Preichardt
    Juliane Preichardt Grêmio Náutico União
  • “Solvis created a new way to collect our surveys at SESI/RS. Since we have many service units, we can monitor the activities in our programs and projects in real time. This makes us more effective in serving and satisfying our customers’ needs for continuous improvement. Your technology and the work you do are excellent! “

    Carla C. Silva Oliveira
    Carla C. Silva Oliveira Advisory Strategic Management - SESI/RS
  • “Getting close to customers and prospects is a daily challenge for everyone like me who sees relationships as generating results. The Solvis solution for opinion surveys has fulfilled an important role in this process, not only because of the tool, which is surprisingly simple and effective, but also because of its staff, who act as consulants. "

    Alexandre Maurízio Luz
    Alexandre Maurízio Luz Marketing Superintendent - Paraná Banco